wasatch wonders

a collection of wonderings and wonderful happenings for Wasatch Waldorf parents and community members

wasatch wonders 

Befriending Your Nervous System

By Sarah Windes, ACMHC Social Inclusion & Student Support After over a year’s worth of exposure to a global pandemic, we are noting unprecedented strain and stress on our nervous s...

Ms. Gwen Wahlquist, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade Remote Teacher In a Waldorf second grade program, Saints and Fables are major themes of study.  (Heroes are often also mixed in...

Math at Wasatch

By Alison Hodgkin, Math Specialist When enrolling a student at Wasatch Charter School, many parents are probably not considering how math will look for their child. Why would you w...

By Marla Macdonald, Creekside Preschool Teacher  How do we create a little entitled emperor? By giving our young children too many choices and overloading them with decision making...

What's the Secret Ingredient?

What’s the Secret Ingredient for Gardens and Schools? A beautiful bounty is produced when healthy gardens grow and thrive from loads of compost. We don’t usually refer to ourselves...

Children’s play can be hard work

by Julia Macdonald, Preschool Teacher This September my class was so excited to be back together. For many, it was the first time they had been able to play with their peers in mon...

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