sixth grade

learning and growing

our sixth grade

After having learned about the realms of animals and plants in fourth and fifth grade, the sixth-grade-students will discover the realm of minerals and rocks during their geology block.

Sixth grade describes another major step toward independence in a child's life. While the nine-year-change describes the emergence of a certain awareness of self and taking care of oneself, most 6th graders make another great step in that direction. They perform the step from orally transmitted mythology to fact-based history, starting with the time of the Roman empire and the middle ages. Furthermore, the children expand their awareness of self by learning about their position on earth in relationship to the major celestial bodies in the astronomy block. The counterpart to the skies is the examination of the ground we stand on: learning about earth's crust and what it is made of and what the minerals have to do with us.

Waldorf philosophy does not provide a recipe for a certain lifestyle, but an opportunity to pursue a healthy and holistic development of one's capacities in harmony with one's social environment and with the natural world, and in congruence with one's own cultural background and spirituality.

—Heidrun Kubiessa, Yarrow Teacher