Learning to play an instrument, or working on handwork, is more than a new or fun hobby. While many students find new skills that they do enjoy in these activities, there are real educational and physical benefits. The simple exercises on violin, of placing one finger down to the string and then lifting it up, builds finger independence and fine motor control. Having recently had micro-surgery on my hand, I was grateful to have a doctor who had taken the time to develop this level of control.

Music practice doesn't need to be long. For beginners (i.e. 4th grade strings) 10 minutes of playing (not 9 minutes to get instrument out and 1 minute playing) each day goes a long way. It is better to practice a little each day than to have a marathon practice session once per week.


music teacher

Bryan Jensen

Music has been a very large part of Bryan’s life from an early age. He began studying piano at age 5, progressing quickly to add violin and voice, and also organ.

Bryan earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from the University of Utah, with emphasis in Organ Performance. Bryan studied with renowned organist Linda Margetts and has accompanied choirs across Europe.

As a vocalist, Bryan has sung with world class choirs, including the University of Utah Singers and the Salt Lake Choral Artists. Bryan’s work as section leader (Baritone) in the University Singers assisted in the choir winning the Grand Prize at the Florilege Vocal de Tour, international choral competition in Tours, France. This qualified the University Singers to participate in the Grand Prix of World Singing held in Tolosa, Spain the following year, where they again took the grand prize.

Bryan has tought ocrchestras in various public schools through Riverton

Music, where he regularly composes his own arrangements for his orchestras. Bryan also teaches piano, violin, and cello privately.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Bryan enjoys a wide range of activities including backpacking, hunting, canoeing, fly fishing, and fly tying. In recognition of his artistic abilities and attention to detail, he has been invited to be a guest fly tier multiple years at both the Wasatch and the East Idaho Fly Tying Expos. Bryan is the recipient of the Silver Beaver award through the Boy Scouts of America. Bryan enjoys spending his leisure time with his wife and 4 children.

Making nourishing food is an act of love and a way to let your child know that they truly matter. Reading to your child each evening at bedtime makes a difference. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Stuff doesn't matter, time does.

—Caroline Hopewell, Handwork Teacher