The Gift of Music

By Katie Houts, Music Teacher

The gift of music is present in our earliest moments. Lullabies and sing-songs and lilting voices create musical cadences in newborns’ ears. Throughout early childhood, ritual songs become beloved cues as children journey through the day. Children begin their schooling in Waldorf classrooms that weave musical tales of bravery or sadness or kindness or humor. The beauty of music unfolds as they explore their voices, feeling rhythms and shaping melodies. 

Harmonies are introduced following the nine-year change and the human voice truly showcases its magic. Growing bodies of all shapes and sizes... breathe and phonate together to create harmonies which stir our emotions, steady our will, and strengthen the bonds of community. 

Music is a language that transcends physical boundaries and linguistic limitations. We can begin to understand our neighbor when we are willing to listen to their heart-songs. Folk songs teach us about culture and history, and seasonal songs help us honor our shared Earth as we mark the seasons.

Our singing classes may have moved online this school year, but it has been wonderful to see so many Wasatch families singing together at home! Keep on singing through the spring and into the summer. I’ll be ready to greet the children with a joyful song when we return in the fall.

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