Games class at Wasatch involves many forms of movement and play. Child development is the center of purpose and is reflected through the grades with games associated with that age group. In the younger grades focus is on learning how to play and interact with others. Many circle games and group games are played. In the upper grades individual skills are introduced along with sport team play, and the feeling becomes more competitive based. Overall the


games teacher

David Keenan

Mr. Keenan studied Physical Education and Kinesiology in college earning a Bachelor in Science degree. Prior to working at Wasatch, he taught Physical Education at a high school. He also has been a snowboard instructor for the last 15 years; coaching freestyle, training instructors, and teaching in different countries.

Playing games and being active is what he's all about! Various hobbies include rock climbing, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, snowboarding, and soccer. This will be his 5th year at Wasatch. He's also our school's Athletic Director and helps coach the Archery Team.

Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.

—Mike Singletary