What's the Secret Ingredient?

What’s the Secret Ingredient for Gardens and Schools?

A beautiful bounty is produced when healthy gardens grow and thrive from loads of compost. We don’t usually refer to ourselves as compost but in this analogy, the Wasatch Family Foundation (WFF) is just that. We serve as compost to nourish and enrich the garden that is the Wasatch Charter School (WCS). 

When WCS opened in 2015, the founders had the foresight to also create a separate Foundation that would serve to support, nourish and enrich the community life and families of the Charter School. They knew that creating a school inspired by the wisdom and principles of Waldorf education would require enrichment or compost to nourish the roots of the school.

In order to provide the engaging and rich Waldorf curriculum which includes specialty classes like music, orchestra, handwork, woodworking, Eurythmy….. funds must be raised to offer those classes to WCS students since public funding won’t cover those expenses. That means your support of the WFF and its fundraising efforts, directly enrich students’ daily experiences at WCS. 

Practically, the Wasatch Family Foundation is an independent, non-profit entity with a supportive sister relationship to the Wasatch Charter School. The WFF manages the supplemental activities for WCS such as Aftercare, Summer Camps, Afterschool Enrichment, the School Store, Parenting Classes, and supports fundraising activities like the Spring Gala and Harvest Festival. WFF also manages a Waldorf-inspired Early Childhood Program which consists of three Preschool Classes and Parent-Toddler Classes. For more details about any of WFF’s programs, please visit

In service,
Tricia Sullivan
Wasatch Family Foundation

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