Rudolf Steiner explained that reading is not an analytical skill, it is a skill of synthesis. He offered the idea that children should hear beautiful language with clear pictures so that the rhythms of poetry and the beautiful sounds of a native tongue could pour over the child and call out a deep love of the language of birth. The child can then make pictures inwardly to go with the beautiful sounds learned with the reciting of nursery rhymes and poems, stories and legends.

The Librarian is, "The Coach that instills: The dance of discovery and provides the keys to open doors and ideas in the vast world of knowledge."


Colleen Cook

I grew up on a little farm in a little town called Trout Creek, Utah, population: 50. We did not have electricity or phone lines. I attended a one-room school, grades kindergarten through 4th. We moved into town when I was 10 years old and had to transition from the smallest elementary school west of the Mississippi to the largest elementary school west of the Mississippi. I survived culture shock, made it through middle school, high school, and college with very few scars.

I married the love of my life, a Marine, and we traveled and made the road our home. We had 4 beautiful children and now have 6 beautiful grandchildren.

I taught school in North Carolina, Kansas and Okinawa, Japan before coming back to Utah to teach 3rd grade and then Library Science.

I am honored to be the Librarian at Wasatch and work with so many unique and talented students.

Each of us is a story, waiting for a devoted reader who will take us off the shelf and embrace all our plot twists.

—John Mark Green