lost and found

Is this your stuff?? Let us know!

let's get this back to you...

Here you will find a continuously updated listing of the things we find around the school. Please look through here for your stuff and let us know which of these items belongs to you. 

found items

Not seeing your item?

If you do not see your item in these photos, please visit our full Instagram page to see if it is listed there. There are more images there which are not posted here.

how do I get my items back?

Items that are labeled clearly with a first and last name will be returned to students in their classrooms during the week. Sharpies work great!

Items can be retrieved from the bins every Thursday from 3:30-4:30.

After three weeks, items will be removed and sold as part of Wasatch Waldorf Charter School's fundraising efforts.

Any other questions can be directed to Holly.
Sign up to help with the lost and found here: Track It Forward Lost and Found

All cannot be lost when there is still so much being found

– Daniel Handler