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During the 2020-2021 School Year, blended learning options are being offered to all students at Wasatch as part of our school's response to the Covid Pandemic.  Students and families have selected learning plans for 4 days in person / 1 day online, 4 days online / 1 day in person, and 5 days online.  Online teachers are the primary teacher for students attending school remotely 4 or 5 days a week during this school year.  Other classes that may transition online for a portion of the year will be overseen by classroom teachers.

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online seventh

The seventh-grade students will start the year with the basic laws of perspective drawing. This creative yet disciplined activity helps the children who are on the threshold of adolescence to develop a greater interest in the world and to metaphorically look beyond what is right in front of them.


online eighth

This year, the eighth grade will start the year learning about some of the greatest revolutions in human history. The purpose of this is to inspire and mirror the adolescent experience of rising up into their own personal beliefs with empowered action.

The 8th grade focuses heavily on learning how to care for ourselves for the sake of being of service to our community. We discuss and apply tools to support and improve our social, mental/emotional, and physical health.

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Arthur Morris has a passion for teaching and learning, particularly outdoors. He loves reading, art, water sports, animals, good food, good friends, and generally exploring nature. He does not like lima beans, saying goodbye to friends, or pollution. 

He has taught students of all ages in a variety of settings. He received a PhD in Natural Resources (the Ohio State University, 2005), master’s degree in ecology/biology (Utah State University 2002), and bachelor’s degrees in biology and mining engineering (University of Utah 1996). He also earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education (Utah State University 2002) with a middle school math emphasis. 

His professional career includes independent consulting, specializing in applying science principles to adaptive management and structured decision-making processes. He worked for 9 years as Conservation Stewardship Director for Utah’s statewide land trust, Utah Open Lands Conservation Association. He has taught as adjunct faculty for Westminster College, Salt Lake Community College (teaching pre-algebra and elementary algebra) and Brigham Young University–Idaho online (teaching environmental stewardship). 
He enjoys challenging students with pertinent problems and exploring ideas with them. Currently he lives in Salt Lake City with his beautiful wife and five daughters.

After dinner clean-up let the children have free time. Do not entertain them or let them have screen-time. The just see what happens. Something will happen - reading, music, creative play, drawing, writing...

—Raven Garland, Birch Class Teacher