willow class

with Ms. Leaman

our first grade

First grade is the critical time of setting and establishing the habit life of the class and the individuals. Social, emotional, physical, and academic habits are taking root as a person and as a group. The foundation, once well laid, will provide the strength and support for every aspect of growth from this point forward.

We will be focusing a lot on rhythm and routine to help the first graders become accustomed to a full day of school. It will also set them up for success in the following years.

This year first grade is experiencing and learning the alphabet through fairytales.

class teacher


Becca Leaman graduated from Connecticut College with a B.A. in Psychology. While at Connecticut College, she earned her credentials to teach elementary education in the State of Connecticut. 

After college, Becca was an Education Fellow for two years at the Goldring/ Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life. During this time she traveled across the South working with Jewish communities and their religious schools; helping to implement an existing curriculum, lead educational programing, and run teacher trainings. 

She is eager to take what she learned on the road and bring it back to her passion of working with students in a classroom setting. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, painting, and enjoying the outdoors.

Let your child be a child. Let them play, get dirty, take risks. It's good for them.

—Braelynn ZoBell, Sage Class Teacher