spruce class

with Ms. Heather "Cookie" Allred

spruce class teacher

Heather Allred

Heather Allred has the privilege of growing with and for the Spruce Class.

 She grew up in the Salt Lake area and has a passion for cultivating the appreciation of Place and Presence as a means for a more healthy, happy life. She has an Honors Degree from Westminster College with a BA in Communications, an MBA in Healthcare Management/Administration and is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. 

She is currently in the Kairos program working toward a Certificate in International Crisis Intervention and an iARTe Diploma from the Medical Section, Goetheanum, Switzerland. This work develops healing artistic therapies to strengthen resilience and self-healing capacities for students and communities. Living as a teacher, nurturing children in an environment that cherishes and supports their whole health, is her dream come true.

"Reverence, enthusiasm, and a sense of guardianship, these three are actually the panacea, the magical remedy, in the soul of the educator and teacher."

—Rudolf Steiner