spruce class

with Ms. Heather

our sixth grade 

Sixth grade intro paragraph coming soon

spruce class teacher

Heather Allred
Heather Allred has the privilege of spending her days with the Spruce Class.  She grew up in the Salt Lake area and has a passion for cultivating the appreciation of Place as a means for a more healthy, happy life. 
She received an Honors Degree from Westminster College, with a BA in Communications, completing requirements for entry into a Naturopathic Doctorate program. Family came first and instead of leaving the state to complete her ND, she put her efforts into the health service and medical device industries locally. She is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and has an MBA in Healthcare Management/Administration. 
Living as a teacher, nurturing children in an environment that cherishes and supports their whole health, is her dream come true.

Waldorf education teaches children how to think, rather than what to think.

—Heather Allred, 4th Grade Teacher