Spanish at Wasatch Waldorf School is a beginning level Spanish intended to be interactive, fun, and conversational. Students are immersed in basic conversation and vocabulary, including numbers, colors, adjectives, articles, verb conjugation, animals, clothing, calendar, body, and much more. Younger students write and illustrate simple words they learn through song and repetition. Older students do more writing and practice interactive conversation. The objective is to help students formulate complete sentences in order to use Spanish in their daily activities outside the classroom.

spanish teacher

Senora Susanna has a BA in English and Spanish from BYU and has lived overseas in Venezuela, Ecuador, and Guatemala for a total of 12 years, where she developed a great love and appreciation for Spanish and Latin American culture. She has taught Spanish for over twenty years in public, private, and charter schools, as well as private classes and tutoring. Spanish teaching is her passion - so much so, that students from years ago still remember Spanish they learned through her songs, games and activities. 

Making nourishing food is an act of love and a way to let your child know that they truly matter. Reading to your child each evening at bedtime makes a difference. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Stuff doesn't matter, time does.

—Caroline Hopewell, Handwork Teacher