redwing class

with Ms. Corinne

our fifth grade

This year the 5th grade are learning about Ancient Civilizations. The purpose of this is to study how the development of civilization mirrors the development of the human being.

We work on building a strong and supportive class culture. When students feel safe and valued then the academic pursuits of the class are able to flourish. Education is a social endeavor that requires strong individuals and strong communities.

redwing class teacher

Corinne Gentry has been with Wasatch Charter since the beginning, taking the Redwing children as first graders in August 2016. After four years together, she is incredibly fond of them! She graduated with her Waldorf Teaching Certification from Gradalis Teacher Education in the summer of 2018, and recently received her Professional Educator License for the State of Utah. She has a background in American literature, environmental education and the arts.

Beyond education she is a musician, reader/writer, social justice advocate, devoted daughter of nature, and suburban homesteader with her daughter and husband.

To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.

—Mary Oliver