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In the fourth grade, our students are here, and it is time for them to orient themselves in space and time. For this reason, Geography is introduced into the curriculum at this grade level.

This year the fourth grade is learning about the state of Utah. This is important because as they undergo the nine-year change, they are coming to a new understanding of themselves as individuals.

Additionally, we will closely examine the animal world, the closest “kingdom of nature” to the human being. Along with fractions, the study of Zoology marks a significant crossing point in your child’s life. Our focus will be what the animals teach us about being human. Through the study of the world outside of ourselves, we learn much about what lives within us.

In third grade we taught them how to survive. In fourth grade they learn to recognize the place where they are surviving.

Our day starts out with a gathering activity, something that we do together, reminding us that we all belong and are part of something beautiful.

maple class teacher

My name is Julie and I teach 4th grade to the Maple Class. 
I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia but always knew I wanted to live out West. Shortly after graduating from the University of Georgia I moved to Utah to join the Utah Conservation Corps and work in the canyons of Escalante. 
From there I continued a path in conservation, outdoor education, and travel throughout the West and internationally. I taught children how to ski in California, guided teenagers on therapeutic quests through the Utah desert, taught English in Peru, and led students in Peru and Southeast Asia on service projects. 
Two years ago, when I was looking for my next adventure, I came across our school and Waldorf Education. I remember stepping through the doors and feeling like I had found a home. Everything about Waldorf Education fit my values and passions; a whole new world had opened up to me. It has allowed me the wonderful opportunity to incorporate nature, art, and working with children into my daily life.

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When practicing artistic activity, children experience their own soul realm. this feeling of being caught up in the soul realm should take place in every lesson and this is why art is never separate from the lessons in the grade school.

—Rudolf Steiner