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During the 2020-2021 School Year, blended learning options are being offered to all students at Wasatch as part of our school's response to the Covid Pandemic.  Students and families have selected learning plans for 4 days in person / 1 day online, 4 days online / 1 day in person, and 5 days online.  Online teachers are the primary teacher for students attending school remotely 4 or 5 days a week during this school year.  Other classes that may transition online for a portion of the year will be overseen by classroom teachers.

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online kindergarten

Free play allows children to develop the capacity for creative thinking, problem solving, and social skills.

The school year is filled with the work of daily life, stories, crafts and seasonal activities . Movement, Fairy Tales, songs and verse develop in the child a love of language and a strong foundation to further academics in the grades.

Rose Garden Class

online first

First grade is the critical time of setting and establishing the habit life of the class and the individuals. Social, emotional, physical, and academic habits are taking root as a person and as a group. The foundation, once well laid, will provide the strength and support for every aspect of growth from this point forward.

We will be focusing a lot on rhythm and routine to help the first graders become accustomed to a full day of school. It will also set them up for success in the following years.

Copper Class

online second

Students in the second grade hear the stories of golden legends and fables. These stories meet the children in the polarity they are experiencing; being pulled between acting noble and rascally.

In class we play flutes, recite verses, sing, hear stories, draw, learn the four processes of math, practice phonics, reading, and writing. The children love school. They are eager and enthusiastic learners.

River Class

distance learning class teacher


Gwen grew up in beautiful Western Washington, where mountains, sea, and forest prevail. As a child she enjoyed playing in the woods, exploring Puget Sound, writing poetry, and horseback riding. 

Gwen’s love of traveling started early on. She has been fortunate to visit many wonderful parts of the world and hopes to see more. 

She completed her Foundation year for Waldorf Education many years ago at Emerson College in England. She also has a Bachelor of Science Degree with a pre-med concentration from Evergreen State College. In addition, she holds a Waldorf Early Childhood certificate from the Pleiades Initiative in Austin, Texas and a Masters in Education and Grades Waldorf Teaching Certificate from Antioch University in New Hampshire.

I am struck by the fact that the more slowly trees grow at first, the sounder they are at the core, and I think that the same is true of human beings.

—Henry David Thoreau