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During the 2020-2021 School Year, blended learning options are being offered to all students at Wasatch as part of our school's response to the Covid Pandemic.  Students and families have selected learning plans for 4 days in person / 1 day online, 4 days online / 1 day in person, and 5 days online.  Online teachers are the primary teacher for students attending school remotely 4 or 5 days a week during this school year.  Other classes that may transition online for a portion of the year will be overseen by classroom teachers.

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online fifth

This year the 5th grade is learning about Ancient Civilizations. The purpose of this is to study how the development of civilization mirrors the development of the human being.

We work on building a strong and supportive class culture. When students feel safe and valued then the academic pursuits of the class are able to flourish. Education is a social endeavor that requires strong individuals and strong communities.

Laurel Class

online sixth

The sixth-grade-students will discover the realm of minerals and rocks during their geology block. Sixth grade describes another major step toward independence in a child's life. They perform the step from orally transmitted mythology to fact-based history, starting with the time of the Roman empire and the middle ages. Furthermore, the children expand their awareness of self by learning about their position on earth in relationship to the major celestial bodies in the astronomy block. The counterpart to the skies is the examination of the ground we stand on: learning about earth's crust and what it is made of and what the minerals have to do with us.

Redwood Class

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Rachel began her personal study of Waldorf education a decade ago, and feels at home to be teaching at Wasatch Charter School and living again in the shadow of the mountains. 

With all the arts related subjects she loves, Rachel could not choose just one to study at BYU, so she settled on a B.A. in the Humanities. She later pursued a Master's in Italian Literature at Indiana University and a Master's in Elementary Education with an Endorsement to teach Elementary Music at Westminster College. 

Rachel has taught college level Italian classes, reading classes for all ages, piano lessons, and at a Waldorf inspired preschool.  

Along with her husband and son, she enjoys making music, hiking, yoga, meditation, and traveling. The farmer's market is her happy place, and she hopes to grow a big garden soon.

Happiness is the expansion of self. But joy is the merger of self. It happens when you forget where you end and something else begins, when you really are seeing deeply into each other.

—David Brooks