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Wasatch Charter School is organized as a nonprofit corporation pursuant to the Utah Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act. Pursuant to its bylaws, a Governing Board of five-nine members governs WCS. In addition, the Governing Board includes the Executive Director and Business Administrator as ex officio members, bringing the total to eleven.

The Governing Board adheres to the philosophy that the ability of the school to carry out its mission and meet its goals depends heavily on the Governing Board’s ability to provide strategic direction, select and support strong school leaders, and ensure the financial stability of the school. To accomplish this goal, members of the Governing Board should possess personal qualities that can be summarized as: (1) the ability to see the “big picture” and the conviction to set the proper course to achieve the WCS mission; (2) the integrity to continually serve the interests and pursue the goals of WCS; (3) knowledge of the school, its stakeholders, its organizational structure, and its managerial acumen; and (4) possession of a respectful and professional attitude toward colleagues.

In addition to the many duties/responsibilities of the Governing Board, one of its key responsibilities is to ensure WCS is meeting and/or exceeding the benchmarks and goals established throughout its charter.

current governing board members


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In accordance with the Utah Open Meetings Act, all Governing Board meetings will be posted on the State of Utah’s Open Meetings website and on the WCS electronic calendar. Specific dates, times and locations may vary, but all will be updated on the calendar.

Becoming a Board Member:

Individuals wishing to make public comments at Board meetings should review the policy on Public Participation at Board Meetings.  Patrons wishing to address the board may sign up in person or through email up until the day of the board business meeting.  Patrons must provide their names, phone number, email address, and agenda item or topic they wish to discuss.

Governing Board members serve for three year terms that can be renewed for up to two terms. Each Board member is expected to be an active participant on Board Committees, including but not limited to Audit, Finance, Policy, Fundraising, Board Governance and Recruitment, School Land Trust, and Strategic Planning.

Individuals interested in applying to serve on the school's Governing Board should review the information below and then send a resume, a cover letter, and the completed Board Nominating Questionnaire to the Board Vice President.

board meetings

Agendas for upcoming meetings and meeting minutes / recordings for previous Board meetings are available on the Public Notice Site.

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family council

The purpose of the Family Council is to develop community and facilitate parental involvement in the school life and culture. The Family Council consists of the parent coordinator for each class and other members who wish to participate. This organization includes and is available to all parents and other family members of students attending Wasatch Charter School. Monthly meetings provide a means for families to be informed of and involved in festivals, fundraisers, staff appreciation, new family support, and other activities as needed. 


Parent support is essential to the success of the Wasatch Charter School and your participation is expected and embraced. Our community thrives on family involvement. Through our Family Council (FC), mothers, fathers, and even grandparents are offered many opportunities to share their skills, talents for the community. This all-volunteer, parent-run organization’s mission is to foster the well-being of the school community by facilitating communications among the bodies of the school, inspiring parent participation in school life, and organizing our efforts. 

Role Within the School:

Family Council is a way for parents to actively participate in, serve, and contribute to the functioning and organization of the school. The Family Council is the third organizational body of the school (the other two being the Pedagogical Council (Teachers) and the Governing Board (Board of Trustees). The Family Council’s main sphere of influence is in the social realm, while the school’s main sphere is the pedagogical realm and the Board is mainly responsible for financial and legal matters.

Fees & waivers

In accordance with Utah state law, Wasatch Charter School charges fees for students in grades 6 through 8, our Middle School grades. The fee schedule is approved annually by the school's Governing Board and reflects actual costs of items and services. The fees can be viewed on the PDF below.

The second PDF is the Fee Waiver Application, which can be used by any family that may qualify to have the Middle School Fees waived based on financial qualifications. 

These materials are also made available to every family of a Middle School student upon enrollment to the school, and at Back to School time for continuing students.

school land trust funding plan

In accordance with State requirements, we are providing you with information regarding Wasatch Charter School’s receipt and use of School Land Trust funds. The trust land council members for WCS include the Executive Director, Emily Merchant, and all members of the Governing Board (the majority of whom are parents in the school). A list of Board Members and their contact information can be found at:

Our Trust Land Council meets throughout the year as part of the public Board meetings which are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:15 PM at the school with some exceptions. See school Calendar. Agendas for these meetings are posted in the school and online prior to each meeting, and include notice of when the trust lands council will be meeting. The council follows the same rules of order and procedure as the Governing Board, abiding by a loose for of Robert’s Rules of Order. Agendas for upcoming meetings are available on Public Notice.

framework for success

policies & procedures


Wasatch Charter School works diligently to protect student privacy and to provide parents with required information regarding any sharing of Personally Identifiable Information.