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Your generous donations help Wasatch Charter to be more than just a typical school, but a thriving community.  Through community donations, we are able to support a rich curriculum including arts, movement, environmental stewardship and hands-on experiences.  Given the limited funding available to Utah charter schools, individual and corporate donations are essential to the financial growth of the school and its programming.



We are extremely grateful for every bit of support our school receives! It takes a lot of investment and energy to bring the Wasatch vision to life. Thank you for volunteering and contributing to our school. It all makes such a difference.

I am deeply grateful for Waldorf education, which woke me up and helped me rediscover my imagination.

—Michael ends, Author ”The Never-ending Story

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Wasatch Waldorf Charter School’s sustaining members commit to giving an ongoing gift to the school through their credit/debit card or checking/savings account. These can be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually, you choose. Any amount is appreciated!

Wasatch Waldorf Charter School – (Federal ID # 47-3001249) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Consult with your tax advisers or the IRS for details.

company sponsorships

Wasatch Waldorf Charter School offers many options for promoting your business within our community.

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Wasatch Waldorf Charter School is special in many ways, but particularly with the specialized programming it can provide. 
Below are a few programs that need additional assistance outside of our charter. If you feel so inclined to give to one of these programs, you can do so with any amount. 
One-time gifts as well as recurring gifts are all greatly appreciated! 

you shop, Wasatch Waldorf Charter School earns money!

All of these programs require MINIMAL set-up and no extra cost to you.
You don’t pay anything extra because the donation to WWCS is made by the retailer.

employee matching gifts

look for your employer below!

In a Waldorf school, we were all artists. We were all musicians. And we were all writers, and mathematicians and scientists.

—Amanda Sage , Alum, Visionary Artist