Free And Reduced Price Meals Application

2022-2023 Free and Reduced Price Meals

Please read through the linked document in order to view the full application before filling this form out and signing the form,

Complete one application per household.

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STEP 1: List A household members who are infants, children, and students up to and including grade 12 (if more spaces are needed pleas send an email to with the additional children's information

Definition of Household Member. Anyone who is living with you and shares income an expenses, even if not related.

Children in Sate Foster Care and children who meet the definition of Homeless, Migrant, Runaway, or participate in Headstart programs are eligible for free meals. Read How to Apply for Free and Reduced Price School Meals for more information.

Child # 1 - Check all that apply to child (skip if "no")

Child # 2 - Check all that apply to child (skip if "no")

Child # 3 - Check all that apply to child (skip if "no")

Child # 4 - Check all that apply to child (skip if "no")

Child #5 - Check all that apply to child (skip if "no")

STEP 2: Do any Household Members (including you) currently participate in one or more of the following eligible assistance programs: Snap TANF, or FDPIR? If NO > Go to STEP 3.

Check all that apply.

STEP 3: Report Income for ALL Household Members (Skip this step if you answered "Yes" to STEP 2)

B. List all household members not listed in STEP 1 (including yourself) even if they do not receive income. For each person listed who receives income, report total gross income (before taxes) for each source in whole dollars (no cents) only.

If they do not receive income from any source, write "0". If you enter "0" or leae ay fileds blank, you are certifying (promising) that there is no income to report.

charts for STEP 3

If you are unsure of what to put in STEP 3 - Report Income for ALL Household Members, here is the back of the page so you can reference the charts.

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