firefly hollow

with Miss Jessica

our kindergarten

Kindergarten in Firefly Hollow, is lying still as Miss Jessica plays a lullaby in a tall field of grass while a curious fox sneaks forward in the grasses to listen and observe. It is pausing in appreciation to the seasons by making frost wands, that when held to the sky brings the first flakes of snow. Firefly Hollow kindergarten is skipping through a field of wishes that present themselves as dandelion fluff, “May all your firefly dreams come true,” the children say to any who cross our paths. The wonder of nature is alive and guides our curriculum, discoveries, and stewardship. This world is a good one.

firefly hollow class teacher


Miss Jessica is an Utah native, an artist, photographer, and makes many of the toys that are in her kindergarten class. She enjoys reading, sewing, hiking, camping, and biking in the city with her family. Miss Jessica is a mother of two Wasatch students; a first grader and a fifth grader. 

Miss Jessica is a Certified Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher, She graduated from BYU with a BA. This is her 7th year teaching, and 5th year with Wasatch. Miss Jessica was drawn to the Waldorf Philosophy after researching schools for her own family, she felt she needed a path of parenting that allowed for rhythm and slowing down.

After finding Wasatch, Miss Jessica found that she had been called into this Waldorf community and culture that reflects the same qualities of intention, love, and warmth that are reflected in her own home.

There is magic in this world, if you walk along the winding path, sit quiet and still, it will find you.

—Jessica Huish, Firefly Hollow Class Teacher