dragonfly class

with Ms. Julia

our kindergarten

Our kindergarten is focusing on social, emotional and academic learning through play, imagination and stories.

class teacher


Julia has had an interest in working with kids for many years. She is drawn to service-oriented careers and before working in schools she had years of experience working in treatment facilities with teenagers who struggle with eating disorders, drug addiction and other emotional disorders.

She was in school to become a therapist, before becoming a mother of 3 children. It was at home that she learned the most about what children need, and what her preferences are for children’s education. When she came across Waldorf education it felt like she had found what she was looking for in education. She began volunteering as a helper in her own child’s preschool 9 years ago. Then took a position as an assistant preschool teacher for the Family foundation when WCS first opened. She has since worked as a lead preschool teacher for three years.  

When she is not at school, she enjoys spending time  with her husband and her three children, cooking, eating, reading, being in nature or just relaxing.

Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom.

—Rudolf Steiner