clover class

with Mr. Macdonald

our seventh grade

In seventh grade Clover Class continues to work with Physics, building upon and deepening the ideas presented in sixth grade. In our history lessons we hear about the age of exploration and of the burgeoning of ideas and culture during the age of the renaissance. In our geography lessons we focus on the continent of Africa. We study algebra and continue our work in geometry in part through the artistic work of perspective drawing. We formally study creative writing for the first time and are introduced to chemistry and physiology.
Clover Class continues to operate, in our morning movement work, out of the indications Rudolf Steiner gave in his lectures about curative education.  We begin each morning with a walk/run in nature and spend some time doing gymnastic and collaborative, problem solving activities.
Throughout the year, Clover Class students work on preparing for biannual portfolio reviews to be presented before their class teacher and parents. 

clover class teacher

Previous to his work at Wasatch Charter School, Robert taught for 8 years in college and high school classrooms. He also spent 2 years assisting in a Waldorf preschool in Utah County. He holds a Master’s Degree in Folklore and a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature.

This will be his fifth year teaching Clover Class.

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information, but makes our life in harmony with all existence. 

—Rabindranath Tagore