bristlecone class

with Ms. Veronica

Live and let others live.

 bristlecone class teacher

Veronica Seidemann

Veronica has been teaching at Wasatch Charter School since 2022. She has been a teacher for more than 10 years, teaching in Israel, California and Utah. 

Veronica studied Fashion Design in Israel, Waldorf Education in California, (BACWTT), and Curative Education at the Mulberry Centre for Curative Education. 

She has lived in Chile, Israel, California and North Carolina. 

Veronica loves reading, hiking, painting, knitting, exploring new places, spending time with her two daughters and traveling around the world.

May Wisdom shine through me, May Love grow in me, May strength penetrate me; That in me may arise A helper of all Creation, A servant of Sacred Things Selfless and true.