Weekly Notes May 10-14

Time to order a yearbook!
Our yearbooks are being created with TreeRing this year.  One exciting thing about TreeRing is that their system allows the parent to upload their own photos into their account, and add these photos to two personal pages in the yearbook.  So if you have special pictures from this school year for your child (especially if they have done school at home, online this year), you can fill the two pages with pictures of your own to personalize the book!  The deadline to order your yearbook is Friday May 21.  Click here to create an account, order, and pay for a yearbook:

Hiring:  Substitutes for Next School Year
We are looking for parents who would like to work regularly as substitutes in our school for the 2021-22 school year.  Our hope is to have a small group of subs who are open to working at least one day per week on a regular basis.  Subbing becomes easier for subs who are in the school frequently, and have the chance to learn the rhythms and routines of our classrooms.  In order to be a substitute in our school, you need a minimum of a high school diploma, and will be required to undergo a fingerprinted background check.  If you are interested in this kind of work, please click here to find the application (click the "submit application" button on the Substitute Teacher line):

Rules for students who walk to the park at pickup time
A quick reminder about the rules for walking to the park as we near the end of the school year:  
--Students may walk to the park if they are in 4th grade or older, if their parent has sent an email to their teacher to let the teacher know that they can be released when the "walking" students are released.
--Students in 1st-3rd grade may walk to the park if they go with an older sibling.  For this to happen, the parent must email all of the teachers (of all siblings who are walking), and the older sibling must go to the younger sibling's classroom to pick them up.  This means that the older student must make contact with the younger student's teacher, to make sure the teacher knows that the student is being picked up.  
--Older students who are walking younger siblings must be responsible to keep their younger sibling with them while they walk, for safety.  Younger students are not allowed to walk by themselves through the park after being picked up by the sibling; they must stay together.

Preschool Openings for 2021-22
Creekside Preschool has a few openings remaining for the 2021-2022 school year. We are accepting applications from 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds for 2 mornings, 3 mornings, 4 mornings or 5 mornings per week with options for extended care until 3:15 pm. Applications are available at:
or call Tricia at 801-871-3950 to schedule a tour.

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