How to Get Three Streams Support for Your Student

The Three Streams program and staff are online too!

We will be updating the website regularly with resources for parents during this time.nbsp; Check out Three Streams posts on the main page atnbsp;

If you have concerns about your child and need social/emotional, discipline, or academic assistance please first talk to their teacher and otherwise reach out for support from 3 Streams. All of the staff who your children know from school are working and available to help them through video and phone conferences.nbsp; To get connected with 3Streams please send an email to:

Heather Campbellnbsp;


Kirstin Huiskamp

The 3 Streams student support team is still active and available to help your student.nbsp; Here#8217;s how that looks in an online setting:

Social Inclusion:nbsp;The staff will continue providing 1:1 social emotional coaching, social skills groups, social circles and general support to students and their families.nbsp;nbsp;

Discipline and Guidance:nbsp;emotional regulation coaching will continue on video conference or phone and any Discipline issues will be addressed through restorative practices online including No Blame Meetings and via phone as needed.nbsp;nbsp;

Learning and Remedial:nbsp;Interventionists are still working with students, special education teachers and staff are teaching online, and all of the support and accommodations we can provide at a distance are in place.nbsp;

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