Wasatch Charter School Request for Proposals for General Contractor #038; Construction Management Services

Wasatch Charter School, located at 1458 East Murray-Holladay Road, Holladay, UT 84117, is inviting proposals for construction management / general contractor services for ongoing building repairs and maintenance projects and future landscaping / site-based work. nbsp;

The proposal should include, but not be limited to, the following criteria:

  • The contractor for the project must be a Utah Licensed General Contractor; the school will enter into a single agreement for each individual project with the selected contractor. nbsp;
  • Relevant licenses, insurance, bonding of all contractors involved;
  • Warranty information for products and workmanship;
  • The contractor must be capable of and willing to work closely with school personnel during the design phase, providing cost estimates, schedules and feedback on constructability of design details and availability of materials selected;
  • Experience with similar projects involving school-based construction to recommended safety standards
  • Experience with projects at schools;
  • Ability to provide assistance with all related construction permitting (and possible experience with permitting through the Utah State Board of Education;
  • Construction safety plan.

Architectural plans for Wasatch Charter School can be downloaded here:

A Master Plan for outdoor work that is anticipated over the coming years is attached to this document.

Scope of Work:

I. Project Management (project specific)nbsp;

A. Site

  1. Participation with Due Diligence related to project site selections. 
  2. Input with Environmental Issues 

B. Designnbsp;

  1. Design Review at Schematic, Design Development and Construction Documentation phases.
  2. Construction Estimating at Schematic, Design Development and Construction Documentation phases. 

C. Procurement (in accordance with procurement statutes and rules)nbsp;

  1. Procurement Planning
  2. Pre-bid Conferences
  3. Bid review/Award Recommendation
  4. Project Managers will be expected to understand, appropriately apply and provide assistants to South Summit School District, with all applicable portions of Utah Procurement Code 63G-6a and R33 Administrative Rule Utah Procurement Rules, #8220;General Procurement Provisions,” as found at the websites listed below:
    • 6a_1800010118000101
  5. LEAs are required to comply with Utah Code 53A-20, Administrative Rule R277- 471, the Utah State Board of Education’s School Construction Resource Manual, the ‘Pre-Construction Checklist’ and the ‘Active Construction and Project Closeout Checklist,’ in addition to Utah procurement codes, rules and guidelines, which can be referred to at the following webpage links:
    • 20_1800010118000101
    • http://usoewebstage/finance/Facilities.aspx 

D. Construction Surveillance/Administrationnbsp;

  1. Scheduling
  2. Communications/Meetings 
  3. Site Surveillance/Inspections 
  4. Cost Control/Change Order Review 
  5. Invoice Review 
  6. Final Inspection/Punch List 
  7. Project Closeout 

E. Communicationsnbsp;

  1. Construction Meetings 
  2. Minutes 
  3. Instructions 
  4. Reports 

II. Detailed Requirementsnbsp;

A. Project Oversight: Provide on-going project administration and tracking services. This includes monthly updates and reports that check and evaluate performance and costs, accuracy, completeness, and efficiency of team members, contractors, etc. 

  1. Personnel: All individuals performing work under this Contract must have the appropriate licenses, certifications or credentials that prove competence in tasks being performed. All services shall be performed in compliance with industry standards and all federal, state, local and district laws, ordinances and regulations. 
  2. The CM/GC is responsible to ensure all employees, including all sub- consultant/subcontractor employees performing work within pre K-12 school and other environments in which minor children are present, do so being compliant with any applicable federal, state and local codes, rules and guidelines, to ensure the safety and welfare of the occupants, and avoid placing occupants at risk. 

B. Project Pre-Design Phasenbsp;

  1. The CM/GC, in conjunction with the architect/engineers, shall coordinate the scope and schedule for each project/program with representatives of the district as necessary. 
  2. The CM/GC, in conjunction with the architect/engineers, shall meet with the district as necessary to establish preferred systems and materials to be considered in the design and/or construction phases. 
  3. The CM/GC, in conjunction with the architect/engineers, shall investigate applicable environmental and energy conservation measures to be incorporated into the project designs. 
  4. The CM/GC, in conjunction with the architect/engineers, shall investigate options for Energy Star applications for the district in ensuring energy efficiency. 
  5. The CM/GC may participate in the selection of design professionals for each project, ensuring the use of the adopted Statement of Interest (SOI)/Statement of Interest and Qualifications process in the selection. 
  6. The CM/GC shall submit a schedule of its services and proposed project schedule to the district for review and approval, for each individual project. 
  7. The CM/GC shall communicate with governmental authorities and utility companies when necessary to exchange information and to facilitate any required permits/impact fees. The CM/GC shall respond to design requirements imposed by governmental authorities and utility companies. In conjunction with the architect/engineers, the CM/GC shall also be responsible to file required documents with governmental authorities with jurisdiction over the projects. 
  8. The CM/GC shall be responsible for providing measured drawings and existing facility surveys when required for each project by design professionals. The CM/GC shall also be responsible to ensure record drawings are provided to the district. 
  9. The CM/GC shall be responsible for identifying any historical items in existing structures that need protection requirements incorporated into the design of new projects. 
  10. The CM/GC shall be responsible for performing any other pre-design duties as assigned by the district. 
  11. The CM/GC shall be responsible for investigating, understanding, and compliance with respect to adopted building codes, required reporting to other entities, etc. 

C. Project Design Phasenbsp;

  1. The CM/GC shall work with the assigned architectural and engineering (A/E) services as required for each project. 
  2. A project manager shall be assigned to each project by the CM/GC to provide consultation, oversight of design and construction services. The CM/GC shall coordinate meetings with the district and/or Architectural and Engineering representatives as necessary to provide overview of the design phase. Design phases include programming, schematic design, design development, construction bid documents, and bidding. The CM/GC shall provide documents resulting from these phases to the district and make recommendations concerning acceptability, applicability, feasibility and constructability. 
  3. Value engineering may be used at various stages of design to review durability, maintenance, installed costs, and operational costs. The CM/GC shall make recommendations to the district regarding specified materials, systems and equipment for evaluating short term, long term and life cycle costing. 
  4. Budget review shall occur at the various design phases, as per individual project accepted proposal. The CM/GC shall advise of any budget concerns. The CM/GC shall suggest project design revisions and adjustments as necessary to maintain project scope within the assigned budget. 
  5. The CM/GC shall provide documentation to comply with any other state or federal law or regulation applicable to the construction project. 

D. Project Construction Phasenbsp;

  1. During the construction phase the CM/GC shall be interface with the school’s architects/engineers. The CM/GC shall meet with the district as conditions and construction activities warrant to discuss scheduling, anticipated problems, equipment and material delays, sub-contractor performance, and/or any other issues pertinent to the project. These meetings shall be documented by the CM/GC and copies of minutes disseminated to the attending parties, project files, and other participants. The CM/GC or a qualified member of their staff shall be present at the site during significant construction activities, inspections and testing. Designated state personnel shall have access at all times to the facilities and to all records and documentation. 
  2. Start of Construction – The CM/GC in conjunction with the architects/engineers, will schedule and conduct a pre-construction meeting prior to mobilization and start of project. The parties will ensure that all necessary representatives of the CM/GC, the district, and any sub-contractors, are invited to this meeting. The meeting will provide an overview of the schedule to inform the occupants of the pending project. Building access and work hours are defined at this point to coordinate and minimize the impact to existing occupants, especially ensuring the safety of occupants and minimizing contact or interaction with minors, while following the districts restrictions, rules and guidelines, etc. The CM/GC will be responsible for oversight of all construction activities and for communicating all relevant issues to the district. All construction activities shall be scheduled in a way that limits interruptions to the district’s activities. Any deviation to this practice will require approval by the district. 
  3. Project Manual – The CM/GC will maintain a project manual that contains correspondence, weekly meeting minutes, requests for payment, change orders, requests for information and other documentation. The manual is to contain a table of contents. All items will be ordered neatly and chronologically. 
  4. Project costs – Oversee and track overall project costs. The CM/GC shall review all requests for payment for construction work in place and shall validate the appropriateness and accuracy of the payment request. The CM/GC shall then submit approved pay requests to the district and their architect for approval and processing. The CM/GC shall also research, investigate, substantiate, interpret and identify issues related to project costs that may be used in claims by other parties seeking compensation from the school. Any potential or pending change to the project contract must be submitted to the school for review and approval. Wasatch Charter School, without invalidating the construction contract, may order changes in the work within the general scope of the contract, consisting of additions, deletions or other revisions. The CM/GC shall review these change orders and solicit quotes from the affected contractors. This solicitation shall be in writing and shall define the exact scope of work, and shall include drawings and specifications from the A/E when necessary. The CM/GC shall review quotes received from the sub-contractor and shall submit a recommendation to the district regarding the proposed change order. The CM/GC shall process change orders, obtaining the district’s approval, and any other approvals required by state law. Changes orders will be processed in a timely manner so as not to impede the progress of the work. 
  5. Project Schedule – The CM/GC shall monitor the construction schedule and shall provide the school with summary reports documenting changes that impact the ability to deliver the project within the established time frames, including the tasks that are on the critical path. The CM/GC shall advise the district on methods to correct or revise the sequencing to bring the project back on schedule. 
  6. Project Building Inspections and Observation Reports– The CM/GC shall coordinate and schedule all related inspections as required by state and local ordinances, including specific school requirements. The school shall be notified of all inspections. At regular intervals, the CM/GC shall forward project observation reports that include periodic inspections, observing discrepancies and omissions in the work performed by the contractor. In addition, all special testing required by Code will be coordinated by the CM/GC. 
  7. The CM/GC shall be aware of any additional reporting and/or compliance requirements for the school. For example: LEAs are required by law to have designated School District Building Officials (SDBO). This individual is required to obtain and provide submittals for construction to both the local jurisdiction having authority (city or county) and the Utah State Board of Education. The CM/GC with assist with these submittals. 
  8. The CM/GC shall track and monitor RFI#8217;s and maintain a log of each RFI and its status until resolved. The CM/GC shall obtain any necessary information or determination from the A/E consultants in order to make a recommendation and prepare a response on behalf of the district. All such responses shall be reviewed and approved by the school before dispersal to affected parties.
  9. The CM/GC shall maintain records at the job site, including a current set of the contract documents, a project log, and photographic records of construction progress and problems. Such logs and records shall at all times be available to the school. The CM/GC shall furnish weekly written progress reports of the work in a form acceptable to the district. The CM/GC will also be responsible for project plans on-site used to red-line changes to be incorporated with the as-built drawings. The CM/GC shall be aware of the reporting requirements of the school and make this information available to the district in a timely manner. 
  10. Quality Control #8211; The CM/GC shall review the work of the subcontractors to ensure that the work performed and materials furnished are in accordance with the contract documents. If an interpretation as to the intent of the contract documents becomes necessary, the CM/GC shall confer with the A/E consultants and the district to make the final interpretation. With concurrence by the district, the CM/GC will submit the interpretation in writing to the subcontractor. The CM/GC will resolve disputes, correct deficiencies and address workmanship quality with the subcontractor as required by the A/E consultants. 
  11. Special Testing #8211; The CM/GC shall facilitate and coordinate all quality control testing of soils, building materials, systems, and equipment during the course of construction, and provide this information to the district as required. The scope of this testing will be jointly determined by the CM/GC, the A/E firm, and testing firms consistent with the provisions of the contract documents and state/federal law. The CM/GC shall coordinate with appropriate parties during construction to plan, schedule and notify testing firms of procedures, test dates, result reports, and distribution. 
  12. System Commissioning – The CM/GC will be responsible for coordinating the factory startup and commissioning of project components. These include, but are not limited to, HVAC equipment, electrical systems, etc. The CM/GC will ensure that the original design intent is met and fulfilled. Upon completion of the project commissioning, the CM/GC will submit a report that provides an overview of the process and further provides copies of the factory startup of building components. The report shall also include sections from the A/E design team that confirm that the intent of the design has been met. The CM/GC may retain the services of a qualified commissioning agent to oversee and assist with project commissioning, as agreed upon with the district. 
  13. Punch list and Substantial Completion – The CM/GC will oversee the punch list, as generated by the project A/E. The CM/GC will ensure that the A/E firm includes input from the school and/or any other representative of the district when preparing the punch list. 

E. Project Closeoutnbsp;

  1. The CM/GC shall coordinate and oversee the completion and closeout of the project. This requirement includes (the following items must be provided to the district): a. Certificate of Occupancy – all USBE documentation submitted b. Operations and maintenance manuals c. Record documents (as-builts amp; conformed specifications) d. Warranty certificates e. Punch list completion f. Building commissioning g. Training for the district h. Project manual(s) i. Documentation #8211; contractor claim resolutions j. Other documentation as required by the project 

Proposal timeline:

  • September 23, 2019: Proposal Posted and Opens
  • October 14, 2019:nbsp; Proposal submission deadline
  • October 23, 2019: Proposal selection and announcement

Proposal submission process:nbsp;

Questions can be directed to and complete proposals to Emily Merchant, Executive Director at by no later than Monday September 23, 2019 at 11:59 pm.

Criteria for Evaluation:

  • Cost structure for projects, specifically CM / GC fees (45 pts)
  • Demonstrated ability to meet the scope of work (20 pts)
  • Prior educational/charter school building experience (20 pts)
  • Prior experience with a Waldorf school (10pts)
  • Ability to submit proposal how it is outlined in the submission format (5 pts)

“Best and final offers may be allowed, as provided in Section 63G-6a-707.5, from responsible offerors who submit responsive proposals that meet minimum qualifications, evaluation criteria, or applicable score thresholds identified in the request for proposal.”

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