birch class

with Mr. Woody

our eighth grade

Eighth grade is the crowning year of the Waldorf grade school. It is the chance to bring forth the many seeds planted throughout the years and help the students see what can be achieved. The students will recognize that they are capable of great things and can do whatever they set their sights on. This is a transformative year, and the students will feel that they have experienced a right of passage when graduating.

birch class teacher

Adam Woods (aka Woody) moved to Utah in 2018 from California. After many years in the corporate world, most recently in publishing, he decided it was time to leave and fulfill his life long desire to be a teacher. 
Since he raised all of his children in Waldorf and since his wife is a Waldorf teacher, he knew that he wanted to teach in a Waldorf classroom. He has a bachelors degree in Business, currently working on his Waldorf certificate and has plans on pursuing a Master in Education.

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.