nurturing the intellect, imagination, and emotional life of each child.

WCS fully delivers the content and competencies outlined in the Utah Core Standards during the progression from K–8, but in addition to developing these skills, WCS uses Waldorf methods and curriculum to immerse children in the arts and an environment that nurtures their emerging capacities at each age.

our unique curriculum


At Wasatch Charter School, we provide a beautiful and warm, home-like environment that is filled with rhythmic activities indoor and out. Free play allows children to develop the capacity for creative thinking, problem solving, and social skills. 

The school year is filled with the work of daily life, stories, crafts and seasonal activities . Movement, Fairy Tales, songs and verse develop in the child a love of language and a strong foundation to further academics in the grades.


The First-grade teachers continue the work of the Early Childhood and bridge the children into a full grades program. Stories provide a base for learning numbers, letters, emergent and early reading. All four mathematical processes are introduced and the children learn the pentatonic flute. Specialty classes round out the program including Spanish, Gardening, Eurythmy, and Games. 

As the children continue through fifth grade, language arts and math are built upon cumulatively. Rich stories and class plays that meet the children developmentally, enhance the standard core curriculum. Strings are introduced in 4th grade and in 5th grade, children participate a Greek-inspired, Pentathlon weekend. 


As the child enters the middle school grades, the beginning of higher capacities to think emerge.  Students move into a realm where they will be governed more by their quest for what is true, than by just their feelings and imagination.  

The middle school student is met in this phase with a deep dive into the sciences where lawfulness and order prevail; including astronomy, chemistry, physics, mechanics, physiology.  

In addition, the middle school student emerges from the world of myth and enters a study of history including the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, the Age of Discovery, the Renaissance, and the Age of Revolutions.  Both in content development and in ever-increasing mastery of skills, students are met with a curriculum that aligns with their development; allowing seeds that were planted in earlier years to blossom into deep competencies.

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Waldorf education has been an important model of holistic education for almost a century. It is one of the very few forms of education that acknowledges the soul-life of children and nurtures that life. It is truly an education for the whole child and will continue to be an important model of education as we move into the 21st century.

—Jack Miller, Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, The University of Toronto

specialty classes

academic support staff

School resources provided to students in the effort to help them accelerate their learning progress, catch up with their peers, meet learning standards, or generally succeed in school. (To learn more about each staff member, please visit the Faculty page.)


We love Waldorf kids. We reject some students with 1600s on their SATs and accept others based on other factors, like the creative ability Waldorf students demonstrate.

—Donna Badrig, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions for Columbia University USA